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The Nikon D90 Rocks

d90-imageSo after 3 years abusing my Nikon D50, I recently upgraded to a D90.? The D50 was a great starter SLR.? The D90 delivered three must have features:

  • Much Much better lower light performance
  • Bracketing (being able to shoot the same image at current settings + 1 and -1 f stop)
  • Diopter adjustment on the view finder,? effectively reading glass settings for the viewfinder
  • Very Sharp, large screen on the back, which supports video and live view shooting.

Guess that was four.? I purchased the body and paired it with 18-200vr.? This lens covers 90% of my needs, only need a bigger lens occasionally for wildlife photography.? I am a regular reader of Thom Hogan’s Nikon review site, here are his reviews on the D90 and this lens.? For a moderate price by Digital SLR standards this is great camera.

For a complete review of the camera see: D90 Review
For a review of the lens see : 18-200vr “Super Zoom” Review

February 21, 2009   No Comments

Photo Stories

Santa 0 Before I was born, suffice it to say a long time ago, my parents acquired a Coke a Cola promotional Santa, yes that is a bottle of Coke in Santa’s right hand. This Santa graced our family Christmas tree until my folks needed to consolidate their ‘stuff’ when they moved into their retirement apartment. The Santa came to live with us in Seattle and was resettled to our lake house a few years back.

My dad decided this fall that Santa wasn’t having a very good time in Washington State and that he should move back to California. Spending time separated from family at the holidays is always challenging. Instead of the traditional holiday phone call, I took a series of photos and sent them to my dad in a series of emails over the holiday. If I had my blogging act together i would have just put them here. The complete set, with the original email captions are available at: Santa Stories

January 2, 2008   No Comments

Nikon D50 Err Fix

My trusty Nikon D50 has been suffering from occasional freeze ups, with Err flashing in the display window. I searched on the web for hints and found a number of reports of this problem, all with the solution “take it in for service”. In my case the err appears when using auto focus, the camera freezes and Err flashes in the display window on the top of the camera. I had the camera cleaned and tuned up by Photo-Tronics link in Seattle The error has returned twice since servicing. The first time it went away on it’s own.

Yesterday it occurred again. While playing around with the camera, trying to get the error to clear, my friend Michael took a photo in Manual mode. Magic error gone. Data Set of 1 is not a conclusive solution, but it did work once.

January 1, 2008   3 Comments