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Occasional Travel Blogs

I enjoy virtual vacations. I don’t read travel blogs, but I love reading “normal” if you can call any of my friends normal,folks experiences as they take a break from the day to day go somewhere off the beaten path and take the time to write about it. Tom Evslin a long time friend has been sailing in Mexico. He was offline when on the water, but has landed apparently found a connection, climbed to 7000′ and has a great adventure write up today. The Curse of the Tarahumara

Thinking about Tom’s post, brought back memories of the very early pre-blog writing of Mark and Greg, aka Wizmo and Gizmo. Mark and Greg did a series of motorcycle adventures and posted text and photos on a website for their friends to follow along. This all occurred before the word blog was invented. The website is still up and worth a look They put tons of effort into their sites, including contests every few days. I did this last year on when Lake Wenatchee froze as an email based charity fund raiser and will do it again this week if the ice holds as an official contest at

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The Chair, Coaching CEOs and Managing BODs

Seth Levine from Foundry Ventures in Boulder wrote a post a week back or so <Link> as a primer on how to do CEO reviews. In the comment stream the question was asked, who should deliver the review? In my experience this is best done by the Chairman/women of the board, aka the Chair. In my experience the Chair can provide a key mentoring and organizing role that makes a CEO’s job easier.

A few challenges:

  • Boards aren’t always as effective as we would like. Agenda’s can conflict, personalities can be, well personalities.
  • Boards sometimes need to be managed. Agenda’s organized, difficult issues broached. CEOs and particularly first time CEOs need help with these challenges.
  • CEO’s need feedback more frequently then annual performance reviews. A best practice that we use is to always have an executive session at the end of every board meeting, without the CEO, followed by one on one feedback to the CEO.

An active, involved, seasoned Chair can provide a key role across these challenges. The Chair can help the CEO before meetings sorting out the agenda, in the meetings by running the agenda and after the meeting in providing feedback from the executive session. This helps the CEO organize the meeting beforehand. Insures the CEO is focused on the content during the meeting. After the meeting the Chair should provide post meeting feedback to the CEO and begin the planning process for the next meeting. The pattern makes it completely natural for the Chair to be in charge of the annual CEO performance review process.

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Prototype post for I just couldn’t resist creating a post out of the following time lapse sequence. Sometimes technology allows us to see things we can only imagine. Thanks to our friend David Smith at . Zeitcam collects webcam images from all over the world and creates daily/multi-day time lapse movies. To view gravity in action at the lake press [Read more →]

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Photo Stories

Santa 0 Before I was born, suffice it to say a long time ago, my parents acquired a Coke a Cola promotional Santa, yes that is a bottle of Coke in Santa’s right hand. This Santa graced our family Christmas tree until my folks needed to consolidate their ‘stuff’ when they moved into their retirement apartment. The Santa came to live with us in Seattle and was resettled to our lake house a few years back.

My dad decided this fall that Santa wasn’t having a very good time in Washington State and that he should move back to California. Spending time separated from family at the holidays is always challenging. Instead of the traditional holiday phone call, I took a series of photos and sent them to my dad in a series of emails over the holiday. If I had my blogging act together i would have just put them here. The complete set, with the original email captions are available at: Santa Stories

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Nikon D50 Err Fix

My trusty Nikon D50 has been suffering from occasional freeze ups, with Err flashing in the display window. I searched on the web for hints and found a number of reports of this problem, all with the solution “take it in for service”. In my case the err appears when using auto focus, the camera freezes and Err flashes in the display window on the top of the camera. I had the camera cleaned and tuned up by Photo-Tronics link in Seattle The error has returned twice since servicing. The first time it went away on it’s own.

Yesterday it occurred again. While playing around with the camera, trying to get the error to clear, my friend Michael took a photo in Manual mode. Magic error gone. Data Set of 1 is not a conclusive solution, but it did work once.

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Postage Woes

image postagethumb Cinderella movie download Reports are filtering in from a far that the postage .58 a-fixed to our holiday cards is insufficient, at least some of the time. The amount by which it is insufficient, has not been consistently reported, varying between .22 and .39. Got to love the elves at the P.O.

First off, if you had to make a special trip to the post office and pay to retrieve our card, WE APOLOGIZE. Apparently a risk of starting the holiday project early in October is our fine friends at the post office changed the rates along the way.

Being able to display the higher resolutions versions of our photos motivated me to upgrade our web site to a WordPress Blog, a side benefit is the ability to apologize to anyone who received a postage due present along with our card. I am sure you came here to view the photos. They are under the Images Tab above. All the bestWedding Date, The movie download

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Lake Wenatchee Web Cam

so if you are looking for the Lake Wenatchee Web Cam, it will be back once i finish configuring this new version of the site. For now to check out all the new snow, go over to it is available there under the Lake Web Cam link below picture of the day…

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